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Digital bank accounts with Airwallex

Should You Open a Digital Corporate Account?

  1. If the company currently does not have bank accounts with local traditional banks, you may need digital bank accounts for funds payment and receiving for company’s business
  2.  If traditional bank accounts with low efficiency and high bank charge, you may need open digital bank accounts to solve the issues.
  3. Unable to send and receive payment digitally

Why open a Digital Corporate Account with Airwallex?

Airwallex is a fintech platform licensed by MAS and we support businesses growing beyond borders with a multicurrency business account that enables them to

  • Receive funds in 12 major currencies, 9 currencies (USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, JYP, SGD, CAD, NZD, IDR) with free local transfer from >60 regions/countries
  • Hold funds in 24 currencies
  • Send money to >150 countries in 44 currencies, with >90 countries supported for free local transfer.

Apart from a multi-currencies account, we also have other features such as corporate cards that give an uncapped 1% cashback on ALL spending, expense management that integrates with Xero and Netsuite, payment gateway, and payment link that enable businesses to collect payments from their clients via various methods including card, wallet, and bank transfers.

Why open digital bank through Ascend Corporate Services?

  1. We can apply digital bank accounts on behalf of you.
  2. Get ZERO fees on your first SGD20,000 FX conversion 
Apply a digital bank accounts with Airwallex

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