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Trademark Registration Services

Fees for Trademark Registration Services

Singapore Trademark Registration

  1. One-off charge of S$850 for one trademark in one class;
  2. Additional classes in the same application: S$380 per class (optional)

International Trademark Registration

Services fee for international Trademark Registration will be assessed case by case

Procedure for Trademark Registration

STEP 1 : Check Registration Criteria, including identify class of goods/services and similar existing marks checking

STEP2 : Trademark Application submission

STEP3 : Examination

STEP4: Publication

STEP5: Registration sucessfully


Estimated Time Required for Singapore trademark registration: 12 months

  1. Time required for period from trademark application submission to publication: Approx. 9 months and
  2. Time required for period from trademark publication to registration completion  : Approx. 3 months

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