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Receive up to S$698 Discount Voucher when you sign up for our services

Accounting Services Promotion

Discount Voucher Categories

  1. Voucher Value :  S$698
  2. Voucher Value:   S$498
  3. Voucher Value:   S$298


  1. All new incoming clients subscribe our services for all industries, except for finance industry.  and
  2. First order value has to meet following criteria:
Order Value Range Voucher Value Grant
S$300 to S$499
S$500 to S$699
S$700 and Above

Terms and Conditions

  1. Discount voucher can be used for 2nd order onwards.
  2. Discount vouchers are not cash back.
  3. When the one-time order value hits S$500, S$50 discount voucher can be automatically deducted from the order amount.
  4. Similarly, if the one-time order value hits N*S$500, the discount voucher can be deducted as much as N*S$50.
  5. There is no expiry date of discount voucher.
  6. Order value excludes disbursements and nominee director services fee.

Policy Valid Period

From 25 November 2022 onwards