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List of Approved Business Partners

List of Approved Business Partners

1) Personal/Business Bank Accounts Opening

Candidate of Personal Bank Accounts : Foreigner

Approved Business Partner: OCBC Bank

Candidate of Corporate Bank Accounts: onshore & offshore companies

Approved Business Partner: UOB/OCBC/Standard Chartered Bank 

2) Corporate Payments and Incoming Funds Management

Candidate: All local incorporated companies (especially for local companies who donot have local bank accounts)

Approved Business Partner: Aspire FT Pte. Ltd. (MAS Exempted License Holder)

Safety of Money:  All customer funds are safeguarded and deposited in a trust account with a tier 1 bank in Singapore (DBS bank). 

Account minimum deposit and services charge: no minimum deposit and most services charges are zero.

Corporate Visa Cards :2% limitless cashback on selected merchants (including ACRA & MOM). 

Online Corporate Accounts/Cards application:

or contact us for corporate accounts and cards application assistance.

3) Corporate Finance

Candidate of Corporate Finance: The person who hardly get a loan from bank


4) Foreign Currency Exchange Services Provider

Candidate of Foreign Currency Exchange Services Provider: The Companies who need foreign currencies to pay their  foreign suppliers  

Approved Business Partner: Moolahgo Pte Ltd (MAS License Holder)

If you are interest in our partnership services, please feel free to contact us now!