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Self-Ink Stamp Maker

Ascend Corporate Service Pte Ltd is a self-ink stamp maker that provides a range of stamps of various shapes, sizes and colors. 

Self-ink Stamp price list

Model Price
Round stamp - 25 mm
S$18 per piece
Rectangle stamp - 45 x 15 mm
S$22 per piece
Rectangle stamp - 50 x 20 mm
S$24 per piece
Rectangle stamp - 60 x 25 mm
S$26 per piece
Rectangle stamp - 60 x 30 mm
S$28 per piece
Rectangle stamp - 80 x 50 mm
S$40 per piece

Above price including postage charge for self-ink stamp delivery.

We have stamps of three colors: green, purple and blue. The sizes include 25mm, 45 x 15mm, 50 x 20mm, 60 x 25mm, 60 x 30mm and 80 x 50mm. The prices are $18, $22, $24, $26, $28, $40 respectively. As seen in the pictures above the round stamp (25 mm) can be used for short text such as company logos. The rectangle stamp can be used for larger texts such as address or checklist. Both stamps can be used up to a 1000 impressions before it needs to be refilled with ink. It comes in blue, black or red ink colors. 

If you are interested in it, please contact us @97546819 via whatsapp for stamp making.